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 Arts Bureau

Maria Galea will run our Art Bureau. Maria will be curating 5 art events a year at the Bureau and also give our members the chance to visit the studios of local artists. She will also work with all the local galleries and get you invites to all local art events. The Bureau will also run curated trips to Art Basel in Basel and Miami, Frieze in London as well as the Biennale in Venice (by commercial airlines and private jet).


  • Amanda says:

    good afternoon,

    I was in the Bureau last week but had to leave before I could scan QR code of pictures, or find out more information on the current exhibits.

    I would be interested in purchasing a particular picture, with pan and egg; if available please could you share details?

    Many thanks,

    • angie says:

      Hi Amanda,
      Apologies for the late reply. Has your request been seen to?

      Pls advise and I will ensure it is passed on to the persons concerned.

      best regards

      Angie Balzan
      Bureau Director

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