Helping others help each other

Philanthropy has always been at the heart of Iniala Group. Through our organization, Inspirasia, we have helped other entities learn to give better and do more. We truly believe in our corporate social responsibilty to the community we live in and live this on a daily basis through our various efforts. Inspirasia is your first point of call if you wish to discover how you too can help many sectors of society who require a helping hand. Your company could be helping to make this change.

Talk to our Inspirasia team about giving back to society in a way that will make a change. It is not all about personal success, it is also about knowing that you have helped others succeed.

Changing the way businesses and individuals think about and do good.
A community for businesses and philanthropists to maximise their impact. Join today to be part of the direction and dialogue to create real change.


Our mission

Create a community of givers to improve philanthropic and corporate responsibility efforts, by providing a platform for individuals and companies to come together, learn, share, be recognised and inspired.

Our vision

Change the way businesses and individuals think about and do good. Inspire each other to make a difference and create positive impact through our actions.

Interested in being part of the change?

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